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Run 4 Whatsapp account in a smartphone

1. Run a Whatsapp account in a smartphone
This is likely if you want to run more than one Whatsapp account in your phone. You can do this work in a single Android smartphone without changing the mobile number. You can run 4 Whitsupup accounts with 4 different numbers, not 2 in your mobile phone by one trick. You can do this work through a single sim. However, you have to get it certified once or twice. Here we are telling you about the trick in which you can run a Whitsup account without changing the number in the same phone.
2. Run a Whatsappaccount in a smartphone
Run this way in a similar phone 2 Whitsup accounts
First of all, go to the Google Play store and install the parallel space multi account app.
- After downloading this app you will see a new interface. The home screen has two options. There will be an incognito installation and control center. Here, a Plus sign appears at the bottom of the home screen. Click on it. After that the App will give you some options, select Whotsups.
After that, this app will ask for an installation as well as the official wants to get the installation time. Verify the number in this app. After that you can run two Whitsup accounts in the same phone.
3. Run a Whatsappaccount in a smartphone
Run like this in a single phone 3 Whatsapp
- Two WhatsApp Setup accounts are set up in your phone. Now to set up a third account, install a free app called Disa from the Google Play store.
- The installation process will be started only if you open this app. Press the Next button for this. In the end, click on the I Agree to terms and condition.
- Then click on Add Services. There will be separate service listings given here. Select Whitsup Service on it and install new app.
4. Run 4 WhatsappUpsupport in a Smartphone
- Restart the app as soon as you install the Whatsappplugin. On the restart, there will be a WhatsApp option which will be clicked.
After clicking on settings, your number will be considered for the Whitsupa account and MCC and MNC code. Click to know the MCC and MNC Code of its operator. After that, you can also run third WhatsApp Notepad in your phone.
5. Run a Whitsupup account in a smartphone
Run like this in a single phone 4 Whatsapp Account
- Download the app called GB Whatsapp for it. This app will not be available on the Play Store but its APK.
- If you are installing this file for the first time in your phone, you will get an error of other sources. You can set it up in Settings. After that, you can also run 4 Whitsup accounts in your phone.

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