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Hello, everyone. Election Commision of India (ECI) has appointed a local support officer for the work of election card and electroll list. This officer is known as Booth Level Officer i.e. B.L.O. In this post, I will show you how to find your B.L.O. name online for Gujarat. Read carefully.

Who is B.L.O. ?
B.L.O. is local election help officer who helps you in election card matters. He might be a primary teacher of your near school or any goverment officer. Some work of B.L.O are as below.
Find person whose age is above 18 years and fill form for new election card.Delete name of person who is dead or shifted to another place.Make correction in election card.Sometimes, they do door to door survey.Distribution of voter slip during election time.Give local support during election.

How To Find Name Of  Your B.L.O.?
You can find the name of your B.L.O. online easily. Here are some easy steps for you to find name of your B.L.O. online from CEO Gujarat website. Follow below steps.
First of all, click this link.

Now, select your language. I recommended you to select English.Select your district from below language.Now, enter your area name in English.Below that you have to enter pin code number. But, if you don't know then leave it blank. I also recommended you to leave it black.Finally, click on 'Search' buttonYou can see B.L.O. name with his/her mobile number in below box. Find B.L.O. of your area and contact him/her. That's easy !!!!
So, we find our nearby B.L.O. using this amazing feature by CEO Gujarat. Thanks to them. So, find your B.L.O. and make your work releted to election card. Have a great day ahead.

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